About June

My partner Jita was born on Valentine’s Day – she’s hard not to love. And she’s a badass. She runs several companies, parent’s three kids, takes care of a husband, and makes it look easy. But Hello! Making it look easy and how it truly is are two different things.

I on the other hand, was born on Thanksgiving – I guess that makes me a real turkey! Ok, no, it makes me grateful for all of the opportunities that life presents to us.

She and I started June because if you are going to work the majority of your waking hours, it should be doing something you love. So we became brand builders of products we actually love, creating the products ourselves and sourcing them from companies that we respect like The Pink Champa, a women’s hand-made home decor company in India that employs all women, most of whom are single parents, sometimes supporting multi-generational families – we don’t think there is anything much cooler than women helping other women.

We choose products with intention considering not just the source, but whether it is something that will make other women happy, valuing the joy that simple things bring to us. A yoga mat that means we are honoring our bodies. A unique pillow cover that says our personal space is treasured. A piece of jewelry that makes us feel more beautiful than we are already are.

Jita and I are two women and every woman. Our lives are uniquely our own but resonate with the shared experience of women all over the world. In the larger lens of life, we are far more similar than we are different. Through our company June, we are not just building brands, we’re building a community – and we’re having fun doing it. Join us! We want to know what you think and are always open to new product suggestions – what makes you happy?

Anne and Jita | About June