8 Examples of Scandinavian Home Decor

8 Examples of Scandinavian Home Decor

Posted on 03 OCT

Keeping up with the latest home décor trends can be exhausting (to say the least) AND it can pack a serious punch to your household budget. It seems that there are completely new looks and styles on trend with every new season and while we all love to dream about these beautiful professionally designed rooms – it's not always easy or cost effective to “get the look" in your own home.

One trend that bucks against these issues is the Scandinavian Home Décor trend. The trend has completely swept the world over with a distinct look in all our favorite blogs. It's all about simplicity, functionality and (of course) beauty. Think understated elegance and refined craftsmanship.

Best of all, it's really easy to implement the style in any room AND change it up whenever the mood strikes. Here's a quick guide with our top 8 products for creating Scandinavian interior design in your own home.


"My absolute favorite Scandinavian decor trend is taking what would normally be a boring storage piece and making it a design focal point in your home." says Anna Decilveo, merchandiser at Swedish-founded company Tictail. Think designer clothing racks and beautiful baskets. Our favorite:

10x10" Large Rope Coil Basket
From: knotandstitchshop on Etsy


Scandinavia's favorite accent color? Blue – a bright blue that stands out against all the all-white interiors. We recommend adding four to five of these depending on the size of your bed or sofa.

Teal Blue Solid Decorative Throw Pillow Cover
From: thepinkchampa on Etsy


Hygge (pronounced "hoo-gah") – the Danish concept of a peaceful, serene space that is free of clutter. There's an ethereal feel to these giant paper lanterns which, brings a soft, diffuse glow that's like candlelight with the volume turned up (aka very hygge)

2 PCS 12" Round White Lanterns
From: IGCcreations on Etsy


There's something so serene about being surrounded by wooden slatted walls; like you're about to spend an hour relaxing in a sauna. While you may not be up for an entire renovation, adding a wooden room divider to your Scandinavian room can give the same effect (keep thinking hygge).

6 ft. Tall Double Shutter Room Divider - 3 Panels - Walnut
From: Oriental Furniture on Amazon


Scandinavian design is all about minimalism and function. A graphic calendar will keep you organized and doubles as minimalist wall art. We recommend downloading the below design and placing it in a frame that matches your screen. Absolutely love this idea!

Printable Wall Art - Scandinavian Calendar Printable
From: KaleighBishopCo on Etsy


Once again - minimal and statement-making! Neutral rooms with pops of color (see our Bold Blue Accents above) is about as Scandinavian as you can get. Add a balanced number of artwork to your Scandinavian room – we recommend going with even numbers like 2, 4, 6.

Abstract Art
From: LittleValleyStudio on Etsy


Stripes are back! Incorporate stripes in your Scandinavian room using one or two items. We specifically like using stripes on a throw or statement rug. Avoid the whole nautical look by staying away from navy blue and keeping the rest of your décor as contemporary as possible.

Throw Blanket - Thin Stripe in Soft Black and White
From: Roostery on Etsy


Scandinavians are all about adding a nature-inspired element to every space, and while we're not suggesting you turn your room into a full-on homage to birds, adding a feather-inspired motif here and there will add an interesting visual interest to your wall or bookshelf.

From $14.95
Feather Wall Hook
From: honeywoodhome on Etsy


If you're up for making a more permanent change, look at painting your Scandinavian room grey. The black-and-white aesthetic is done all over Scandinavia so we're super excited that grey walls are making a comeback. They have the same monochromatic appeal but is dialed back a few notches.

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