Wake Up Sofa! Your alarm is getting on my last nerve!

Wake Up Sofa! Your alarm is getting on my last nerve!

Posted on 06 NOV

My team asked me to write a blog about “updating a tired sofa” – and I thought to myself, updating the tired woman on the sofa is more like it. I am famous for mid-day naps on my office couch (why else have a couch in here), and for falling asleep during every single movie I try to watch, so yeah, I’m not kidding.

But here goes. First you need to ask your sofa a few questions.

  • Are you sleeping well at night?
  • Are you getting enough Vitamin D?
  • Do you have a bedtime ritual?
  • Do you turn off all devices at least 30 minutes before lights out?
  • What about exercise, that’s supposed to help…

Alright, alright, well maybe it’s not the sofa that’s tired, but the placement of ‘said’ sofa within the living space. Make a few layout change options and then put some muscle into moving the furniture around. It doesn’t have to be pushed up against the wall where it looked perfect the day you put it there. It will wake up the entire room and your old tired stuff will feel new again.

I’ve seen this one on YouTube but not sure I have the nerve to try it. There are fabric spray paints and chalk paints specifically created for upholstery and leather. No joke! Check it out – it looks pretty cool and I did check the store and found some. Perhaps test it first on a cast-off furniture item. I was thinking that it might make it hard and crackly but this YouTuber, besides being a quirky kind of wonderful, posted the process on Aug 24th and then a followup video 9 months later. You don’t have to go pink like she did but your tired blue sofa could be a vibrant yellow by tomorrow.

I was just considering this one myself, which I may sneak and do before my husband notices, because he is one of those guys who is very involved in the interior decorating decision-making. Find a long narrow sofa table, doesn’t matter the color or the condition, and put it between your sofa and the wall. I am going to put four identical lamps on the table in a contrasting color to our moss green sofa. It’s going to look stunning! It’s not always something you put on the sofa or do to the sofa itself that wakes it up. It can be something behind it. And it’s practical. How many times do you have to pull out the sofa or stick your hand down behind the sofa to plug/unplug something? Not anymore! And it provides for better energy flow if you’re into fengshui. I am of the opinion, whatever might perk up my energy is worth a try.

Change the legs.

Clean it? Seriously…

Add filling to plump up the tired cushions – botox for your couch!

Buy some upholstery nails and hammer them in to the arms to give it that old charm nail-head trim.

I am always willing to switch things up with new pillows and throws to create drama or go the opposite direction for a more zen vibe, but I wanted to throw out some other ideas. Sometimes you’re looking so hard at the problem itself (aka, your tired sofa), you don’t realize that if you just stepped back, new approaches and possibilities will come to mind.

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