Care Instructions

Jewelry Care

  • Thoroughly wipe your jewelry with a soft, clean cloth as soon as you remove it. The goal is to remove any oil, salt or acid contaminants and to dry the piece.
  • Store your jewelry in your jewelry box. Make sure each jewelry piece is thoroughly dry before putting it away.
  • Dry your hands before handling, or putting on, any piece of fashion jewelry from our collection. Remove your jewelry before showering, swimming or exercising.
  • Minor tarnish can be buffed off with a jewelry polishing cloth, but cleaning heavy tarnish may also remove some gold or silver plate from the piece, so go easy. Store clean and dry in a soft cloth containers to avoid scratching the items.
  • Store individual pieces separately.
  • If you have any other questions about how to care for your jewellery, please email us at

Jewelry Care Instructions

Pillow Cover Care

  • Washing Care:
    • Wash zippered cover separate from other items as the zipper may cause damage to clothing or linens.
    • Wash the zippered cover in warm water using a non-chlorine bleach detergent on a gentle cycle with a cold water rinse.
    • The pillow can be spot cleaned with mild detergent by hand only; do not soak or machine wash the foam.
    • Rinse with warm water.
  • Detergent:
    • Use a mild liquid detergent, preferably non-alkaline, without added bleach or whiteners.
  • Bleaching:
    • Do not use chlorine bleach as it can weaken fibers and cause them to yellow prematurely.
  • Drying:
    • Tumble dry zippered cover on low heat.
    • Never use a high heat setting or over dry; this will weaken the fibers, cause shrinkage and shorten the life of the cover.
    • After spot cleaning the pillow, dry at room temperature away from heat or light. Do not machine wash or dry.